Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hi all this is my second blog of 2007 and this is a pic of bethany !

she is so lush look at her smile

blog again one day

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Hi all Happy new year to you all ! i hope this year will be a better one for us all !
In 2006 i lost my older brother Deane,i no i could of done lots more to be a better brother to him but i did my best.
Over the last month i have found it harder and harder each day to live but i keep thinking i got my mum dad craig and babz who i love so much,i wish everyday i could turn the clocks back and be with him again but at the end of the day he is gone now and i WILL see him again !christmas was very hard this year for all my family ,but we got through it together as no one else was around !! christmas night me n babz ended up going on a fat walk through fishponds,downend then through staple hill it was so good to get out and clear our heads.

But its all over now and we all can get on with things.
i have Babz living with me which is the best thing that has happened as we both need eachother so much at this time and we can support eachother also we can start planning our lifes together.

thanks to the people who has helped over christmas we need you so much but ever time we cry we get a little bit stronger .

im off now blog soon ok