Sunday, December 10, 2006

HI everyone i ant blogged in a long time so im going to tell you what i have been up 2 :

so i havnt done that much im still at college doing media on mondays tuesdays and thursdays and on wednesday n fridays ive been either bin helping babz move all her stuff into mine or we have been chilling which is good spending some time together.

last week me and babz went into town to finish off our christmas presents so we dont have to go down when everyone is doing the last minute shopping !when we was down there i got two nice tops so im happy i did have a little help from babz lol and we did buy a few nice things for our families.

yesterday morning i went into town with babz and her sister sami to get babz new fone as in the week she lost her fone and we kept ringing it but someone must of turned it off :(.
so yesterday we went down and me and sami went in virgin when babz went to t-mobile,when me n sami was going up to T-mobile to meet babz i was going up the stairs by T-mobile and a lady tripped me up and i went flyin lol wasnt funny but babz looked out and started laughing lol nevermind we all do it .

Over the last few weeks in the evening post the public had the chance to vote for this years baby of the year and on thursday i had a fone call off babz sister saying that Bethany,babz niece is third and that is sooo good as there is thousands of babies that have been entered into this and Bethany is third at the mo,the final results are in the evening post on thursday this week.

This is the photo of BETHANY babz niece aww soo cute !!

right i got to go now i got to do a bit of college work for tomorrow !


Blogger Gem said...

aggh Daz got tripped over by an old lady!!!! lol :-P

2:03 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

lol! shes lovely cute baby!

6:18 AM  

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