Thursday, November 02, 2006

what a year it has been!!

what a year it has been first off all loosin my older brother who i loved so much and then 14 weeks later loosin 3 good mates who i new for many of years!
i want this year to end and a new one to start.
Deane Matt Robbie and Luke will always be with us and we dont need to think what happened to then all we got to think is they had a fab 17,18,19 years of life and they had so much fun going to schoiol seeing there mates and then going out on the nights and weekends to have some fun.
they didnt want to hurt anyone all they wanted to do is chill out with there mates and have a few drinks each weekend just like any teenager.

RIP Boys you all will not be forgoten ever!!

To a lighter note, Me babz craig n sami are goin to see the fire works down round table in downend tonight,its going to be wiked but im def wrapping up warm as its going to be sooo cold !

got to go but il blog again later


Blogger Jen said...

Daz we love you babe - good blog

11:48 AM  

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