Wednesday, November 08, 2006

my year i have been with babz !!!

i have known babz my whole life really we got brought up in the same road, my grandad n her uncle are really good mates and i used to stay at my grandads on the weekends when i use to live in kingswood and babz n her sisters use to stand out side my grandads house making lots of noice not really!! then when i was 16 i went along to the park event at page park and i got start talking to sam and babz as they were dancing up there!! then when i was at school one day i saw babz and it was the end of the day and she asked me if i was walking bk and i said yes but really i was ment to be walking home with some mates but at this time i had a small crush on her so i bumped off my mates and walked home with her.i havent told her all this but soon she would find out lol! then on the 18th october i remember because it was craigs birthday we walked home with each other again and we was talking about when we was youg all those years ago and we had a really good laugh !! then on that night i was talking to sam saying how i like her alot and sam said to me ok il see what she thinks about you so i left it as sam was going around to do babz hair so i left it in sams hands ,on that night we had homegroup at church and i asked sam did she speak 2 babz n she said to me just ask her so on that night i was txting babz and then i came out with it i told her that i liked her n i asked her out that was lots of guts for me at the time but wat i liked about her was she had a very good personality that probz why i had a really big crush on you and that got stronger n stronger everytime i saw her then the thursday night all the girls had dance and me n dan met up and i told him he was well happy so about 8 30 it was time to meet the girls at dance so me n da walked down n met them n first of all it was really stange dunno why that was but it was but i look bk and lol about it !!
we use to walk around brushing arms cuz we was trying to hold hands but one day we did and its been soo good every since i could go on for a long time but i cant so thats the start and il finish it off soon.

All i can say the year i have been with babz has been good apark from mates and bruv diein but babz is my angel n i will fill her heart with love always i love you so much babe xx


Blogger babz. said...

awwww iv got a tear in my eye! i love u babe! il write my account on my blog soon. i wish i cud av a cuddle now...

If Alicea reads this try not to be sick cuz i know u hate lovy dovey stuff xxx

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