Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hi everyone this blog is going to be in memory Matt Hunt,Robbie shaw and luke carter who died last saturday morning in a car crash!

They was only three normal teenagers going out on a friday night to have a good time.

Matt was such a nice kid,he was caring and i no he had a soft spot for sam bless him,but he was just a normal person who loved life,he use phone sam asking how she was and they use to be on the phone to eachother for about 45 minutes at a time.
I new matt through going to kingsfield he was in the year above me and i remember one day this kid who was in the year above matt tried to start a fight with one of my mates cuz he kicked there football and matt seen him starting to get scared so matt steped in and pushed this kid off my mate ! ever since then i would walk past matt in school and we would have a chat and he told me on the last day he finished school,we must go for a drink some time but i didnt get the chance to do that but all i can say to the family is that ive been through this and if anyone wanted to talk to be im always here anytime of the day.

Robbie n Luke was also really good people i only new them through rugby as they was in my year but went to Downend.

All three of them will be with Deane my older brother now and they will be missed soo much but no one can hurt them no more and i no its been a horrible year for loads of families but all i can say is that we are all thinking about you so much xx


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