Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi all i havent blogged in a few weeks but im sat here and i desided to blog so here goes.....

this weekend i worked saturday and sunday,it was soo busy in town i think it was because santa is in town and loads of kids are going to make there lists and give it to santa so he can get all the presents ready but it was all good in the end.
wow its only a few weeks now to christmas and someone in my street has there tree up and lights shinning lol bit early i think but owell they do it every year usally at the start of november but this year its at the end of november!

hows college going?

college is going good we are doing a project on animation and i found a fact out today ... every second of filming is made up of 24 shots wow !! so making snow white it took 250,000 shots to make.
this week i only have to go in on thursday as my teacher is going on a few training days so we get the day off lol.

hope everyone is keeping solid and safe il blog soon

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

my year i have been with babz !!!

i have known babz my whole life really we got brought up in the same road, my grandad n her uncle are really good mates and i used to stay at my grandads on the weekends when i use to live in kingswood and babz n her sisters use to stand out side my grandads house making lots of noice not really!! then when i was 16 i went along to the park event at page park and i got start talking to sam and babz as they were dancing up there!! then when i was at school one day i saw babz and it was the end of the day and she asked me if i was walking bk and i said yes but really i was ment to be walking home with some mates but at this time i had a small crush on her so i bumped off my mates and walked home with her.i havent told her all this but soon she would find out lol! then on the 18th october i remember because it was craigs birthday we walked home with each other again and we was talking about when we was youg all those years ago and we had a really good laugh !! then on that night i was talking to sam saying how i like her alot and sam said to me ok il see what she thinks about you so i left it as sam was going around to do babz hair so i left it in sams hands ,on that night we had homegroup at church and i asked sam did she speak 2 babz n she said to me just ask her so on that night i was txting babz and then i came out with it i told her that i liked her n i asked her out that was lots of guts for me at the time but wat i liked about her was she had a very good personality that probz why i had a really big crush on you and that got stronger n stronger everytime i saw her then the thursday night all the girls had dance and me n dan met up and i told him he was well happy so about 8 30 it was time to meet the girls at dance so me n da walked down n met them n first of all it was really stange dunno why that was but it was but i look bk and lol about it !!
we use to walk around brushing arms cuz we was trying to hold hands but one day we did and its been soo good every since i could go on for a long time but i cant so thats the start and il finish it off soon.

All i can say the year i have been with babz has been good apark from mates and bruv diein but babz is my angel n i will fill her heart with love always i love you so much babe xx

Thursday, November 02, 2006

what a year it has been!!

what a year it has been first off all loosin my older brother who i loved so much and then 14 weeks later loosin 3 good mates who i new for many of years!
i want this year to end and a new one to start.
Deane Matt Robbie and Luke will always be with us and we dont need to think what happened to then all we got to think is they had a fab 17,18,19 years of life and they had so much fun going to schoiol seeing there mates and then going out on the nights and weekends to have some fun.
they didnt want to hurt anyone all they wanted to do is chill out with there mates and have a few drinks each weekend just like any teenager.

RIP Boys you all will not be forgoten ever!!

To a lighter note, Me babz craig n sami are goin to see the fire works down round table in downend tonight,its going to be wiked but im def wrapping up warm as its going to be sooo cold !

got to go but il blog again later

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hi everyone this blog is going to be in memory Matt Hunt,Robbie shaw and luke carter who died last saturday morning in a car crash!

They was only three normal teenagers going out on a friday night to have a good time.

Matt was such a nice kid,he was caring and i no he had a soft spot for sam bless him,but he was just a normal person who loved life,he use phone sam asking how she was and they use to be on the phone to eachother for about 45 minutes at a time.
I new matt through going to kingsfield he was in the year above me and i remember one day this kid who was in the year above matt tried to start a fight with one of my mates cuz he kicked there football and matt seen him starting to get scared so matt steped in and pushed this kid off my mate ! ever since then i would walk past matt in school and we would have a chat and he told me on the last day he finished school,we must go for a drink some time but i didnt get the chance to do that but all i can say to the family is that ive been through this and if anyone wanted to talk to be im always here anytime of the day.

Robbie n Luke was also really good people i only new them through rugby as they was in my year but went to Downend.

All three of them will be with Deane my older brother now and they will be missed soo much but no one can hurt them no more and i no its been a horrible year for loads of families but all i can say is that we are all thinking about you so much xx
Hi all this is just a picture showing someone that i can play at there games to.

Looking much better babe!!

only joking i love you so much xxx