Friday, October 27, 2006

hi all !!

All the youth have gone to manchester, home of the greats aka man united lol

well tomorrow and sunday i got work it all good it brings money and so it not all bad.

so im sat here on the computer looking out of the window and its raining alot and tonite im going for dinner round babz house shes doing curry and got to say she does fab currys but she only does them for me so haha! to everyone else.

Its just over 8 weeks to christmas and this year has gone so fast. in 8 weeks santas bringing me my presents lol

well il blog again sometime when i have a reason to lol

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hi all this weekend has been soo good, me babz nami and gemma went to butlins for a over 18s ibiza weekend it was really good here are some pics of us .

This is the girls when we went and got some food and they decided to wear these hat around the store.

This is a picture of the four of us before waching x factor on saturday nite.

This is a picture of zippy i won him this weekend and i won babz one too.

This is babz on saturday when we was talking back from the shops looking very cold aww love the tent tho

well there are some more pictures but if u wanna see them just ask me ok. This weekend has been really good i never new how much a bloke can have fun you can have with three girls for a weekend so thanks girls i love u all .

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hi all

i just want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who turned up to my party on saturday night . i really enjoyed it and it was down to a few peaple my mum,dad,antie,uncle and the most important girl in my life babz so thank you soo much you guys it was a good evening and i love you to bits.Also i want to thank everyone for all the cards n gifts i had.

For my birthday i had the new bristol rugby away shirt,a bristol rugby hoody picked out by babz so thanks babe i got fifa 07 i got two shirts and lots of money which is wiked.

this is my new bristol rugby top

i want to thank my antie and cuz for makinging my cake i dont see you lot that often but my love will always be there for you.

this what the cake looked liked but it dont look like this anymore Mmmmmmm!!lol

there will be pictures to come in a few days ok...........

In about 30 mins i got to go to college we are starting out new topic 2day its all about angles to use when filming a couple of them are a panning shot long shot tracking shot but there are loads more then after we get to make our own films yay ! lights camera action!!

thanks everyonexx

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hi all

i have been at college for 3 weeks now staying media and last thursday i had to give in my first assigment it was all about how cinemas have changed since the late 1800s i enjoyed doin it and today i had a lesson in the afternoon,i went in thinking i did really rubbish in it as i was getting my results today but i went in scared to look at the page with my results on,but i looked on the sheet and it had 3 different results you could of got a pass which is good but needs a bit of work done to it or uyou could of got a merit which was very good that was the grade everyone was aiming for or you could of got a merit + which was brillant and i got a merit plus which was fantastic i was soo happy i reached my goals i set my self at the start and i now can set myself a more challaging target but i was over the moon with my grade it shows the more effert you put in the better grade you will get!

wednesday is the 4th october i guess whos 18th it is its MINE !! the last few weeks have gone soo fast and i cant until it comes now. i have waited so long for this day to come and it finaly nearly here but im going to have a wiked time !!

enough of me babbleing on bout my days all take care n dont do anything i wouldnt do