Monday, September 25, 2006

This is a post all about my beautiful girlfriend.

she is so beautiful and caring i dunno what i would of done with out her over the last few weeks.
im 18 next wednesday and we are going out with each other but i dunno what we are going to do yet but hay we will have a great time.

Me and babz have been together for nearly a year now and we have already said we want to spend the rest of our lifes together. we love each other soo much and i worship the ground she walks on,babz is such a star she has been like a family member ever since she spoke to my family they all love her.when we was both little my grandad use to speak to her mum,dad n uncle but we never new we was going to be spending the rest of our lifes together.

i will always care and love her and any children we have we will be the best parents ever she is the best thing what has happened in my life and i never ever want to loose her and i hope the years we are together will be the best years of our lifes.

babz i love you soo much our lifes together have just started


Friday, September 22, 2006

HI !!!
This week has gone soo fast its only a week and a bit to my birthday yay baby finaly going to be 18 !!

This week ive had college and it has been good met some new mates and had a good time.On wensday me and babz went and saw grease at the hippodrome it was so good we had a wiked night.

Tomorrow i got a early shift i finish at 2 30 so i got the rest of the day off its going to be good,but i got to work sunday i hate working sundays i dunno why but i do i hate it but tomorrow night we are going out somewhere as it was danny boys 16th on wensday and we said we would go out some where so that should be good.

so back to college monday and i got to give my first essay in so i pray its going to be good enough to get a good mark as i really enjoy media i want to do my best in it.

well got to go now but take it easy and dont do anythin i wouldnt do xx

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hi all this is a blog to keep some beautiful lady off my back for a few days lol only jokin (not sayin any names here)

so this week has been my first week back at college and it has gone really well for me i was not lookin forward to it at first but when the day came i really enjoyed it and now i got to no a few people n got some new mates and at least a few of my mates are there to so i will be able 2 see them as well(sam rv,carl n Aaron) and also meet new mates which i can talk to.
my mate Aaron lost his mum a few weeks ago through cancer and its so good having him around so if im going through a hard time at least i can speak to him and he can speak to me about things as we are finding this time sooo hard.

Only 19 days to my birthday,not long now.

Yesterday was nigels birthday getting old now only joking nigel ! and last night he had a small party and we all had to dress up in 70s kit,it was soo funny justin had a bright yellow suit it was cool and janie had a fat afro it was mint plus everyone else looked good anyway,also est n lauren did some good stuff with a few lots of jeans so it was good est n lauren got pic off all of us if u missed the night .

next big birthday its MINE yea baby xxx

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hi all hope everyones had a good week !!

monday will be my first day at college and im so looking forward to it, its going to be so good.i really want to start back because i can try to get back to it and start doing something but at the moment im stuck at home on here.

my life is starting to have a meaning to it ive got such a fantastic and beautiful girlfriend who is just best one anyone can dream of and my family are everything to me,my life is starting to go forward and im trying not to think so far ahead in life but i no who im going to be with and i never want to change that.

Tonight youth club starts back up after the 6 weeks off its going to be a action packed year we are doing lots of stuff like art,mustic going to watch bristol rugby plan in november which is goin 2 be wiked and now with a new bar not beer or vodka is there mind only nice soft drinks we dont want steve getting drunk do we boys n girls bless his cottons if hes wearing any lol

ok im off now il blog soon k n tell u how college went xxxxxx

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hi all sorry i have not blogged for a while.
well before i start i just want to say 4 weeks 2day im 18 yea baby !!

A few weeks i went on holiday to butlins and i had a good time if you wanted to no, it make me think soo much and i felt sooo good also i was missing my brother deane who died 6 weeks ago now. he wasnt just my older brother he was like my best friend, i no we didnt get on all the time but no brother or sister gets on fully together but i loved him so much.but me and my family had the harveys there who have been so good to us.the worst part of the holiday was deane not being there and me missing babz cuz she has been the rock for me over the last few weeks n i no me n her will last.

last week babz wasnt very well n i worried so much as on the friday night she went out for a drink and saturday she wasnt well at all and i really thought someone had done something to her drink and now me and babz are closer than ever and i love her soo much but i just wanted all the pain to go as i have been through sooo much over the last few weeks about deane and i no there is some horrible people out there that will do anything.babz is ok now but who ever reads this plz make sure you watch your drinks and stay with someone you no because ive seen my brother die and i would never want anyone to go through the pain ive had to go through.

Getting on to a happier note now today i found out that i got into college and over the last few weeks ive bin worring that i wouldnt make it but to day i got in so ive reached my first target so i was soo happy i even cried cuz i was soo happy that i got in.

On the 4th october i will be 18 years old and im lookin foward to it because before deane died he said it will be the best day of ur life except the day you get married to the girl of my dreams and i no who that is goin to be,but im not going against deanes word im going to a good day and deanes still going to be there i no he is !

il blog very soon i promise xxxx