Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All that stress for nothin......

Hi all sorz i havent blogged for a while ;)
over the last month i have been taking my exams at school and i have been stressing soo much but i had no problem in the end. i want to say thanks to all who helped me through them.

last wednesday i had a college interview so i can study media at college because i enjoy it so much,it went really well and two days later i had a reply saying ive been got a place on the course so im over the moon lol.

ENGLAND !!! what can i say through to the last 16 and we have only 1 fit up fronter!! how far are we going to go maybe last 8,maybe last 4 or could we do it and WIN the world cup !! who knows we just need to get behind our boys.

ok im off now probz borin you already lol !!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hi everyone
hope exams are going well for anyone who is doing them,i have had two exams this week and i think im going to do really well this year so im very happy yay.

over the past week the sun has been out and it has come at the right time the world cup starts just under 2days now but im going to miss Englands first game as i am workin but im home for the next two games so im going to be there watching that.

The youth holiday is just over a month away now and i cant wait theres only 18 of us goin this year thats 2 boys and 1 girls caravan also this year Dan,Tom and Babz are coming and me and dan are in the same caravan so all watch out the Big D and the little D is around.

im off now so good luck to anyone who has exams still to take