Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi everyone

Its that time of year again lots taking exams and some trying to work out what they are going to do next good luck to anyone taking exams and revise as much as you can :).

i got my report through today from school and it was quite good all my teachers was pleased with my progress as in year 11 i didnt do as well as i would liked it to go but this year i have made myself some goals and i just hope now that i do really well in my exams,i now its a very stressful time but im tryin 2 stay calm and focused and im just praying that i do well so i can go college next year.

Only few weeks to the world cup kicks off so all start praying because this year ENGLAND are going to win.we have had 40 years of hope and this year the boys are going to put on there boots and score goals.england v germany final, England win 2 - 1
cum on england !!!

sorz if im boring you lol

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

what a weekend

Hi everyone on saturday i went into town with sam as it was her birthday on friday and she finally had some money to spend,it was a good day ,sam went and got her t-shirt printed and it said on it SAM RV FO'REAL so it ended up being a good morning lol.

On saturday night we all went over sams ,what a night it was me and babz n sam got back to hers at about 4 30 and and sat down for a bit until everyone else came ,then some of us put the tents up so we can sleep over sams on the night.
it was a good night and we all must do it again very soon. note for tom leave gemmas bum alone lol.

yesterday it was nami birthday and we went bowling i wasnt happyi was winning all the way through until the last bowl and dan beat me by one so i wasnt happy ,then the next thing was babz had a massive come back and she beat me and dan so i ended up coming third with 125 points after all of this we went to pizza hut i was a really good night.

This weekend was really good and a note to all solids must start doing things like that ok lol
also we all got to get our youth holiday t-shirts soon as there only £8 ok

g2g now but dont do anything i wouldnt do and stay solid

Big bear

Thursday, May 11, 2006

stress !!

Hi all its 8 30 am and i want to go back to bed im soooooooooo tired.

next week is my last week of 6th form before my exams and the presure is starting to get to me.
last year i thought i did really well in my GCSEs so im hopeing and praying im going to do well this year.
next year im not sure what i want to do but i really want to go to college to study media or do a coaching course but at the moment my head is spinning as im ok in class but when i get to the exam i find it hard to put it all on paper. anyway im getting there and im going to do it im sure i just would like everyone to pray for all of us who has got there exams coming up plz.

last night me and the girls went to watch Babz do her drama do at kingsfield it went really well and i am proud of her she is the drama queen and alway will be so well done Babz

g2g now got lessons to go to but keep safe and dont do anythin i wouldnt do !!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Hey every i didnt know what to write about to i thought i would give you some dates to put in your diarys ok so take note

* sams 16th is on friday 12th may
* Nams 18th is on monday 15th may
* Babz 18th is on saturday 3rd June
* Dans 16th is on wednesday 20th September
* Daz 18th is on wednesday 4th October
* Fr all solids youth holiday 22nd July

Thats it for now but keep up with the dates

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

copy from Babz

I AM: Daz

I WANT: To go back to bed

I WISH: I cant pass all my subjects in school and get a good job

I MISS: my nan being around

I HEAR: The buzzin of computers

I WONDER: where me and babz are going to be in 5 years time

I REGRET: All i have done wrong

I AM NOT: A user

I CONFUSE: mostly everyone

I NEED: My mates and Babz

I SHOULD: Go and do my work