Friday, March 31, 2006

where as my hot cross bun gone ?

i was sat church today and i left my hot cross bun in the office then i went back for it and it was gone
who has eaten it ?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

roll on easter holidays

i so cant wait till the easter holidays get away fom school for two weeks no exams and no getting up youth are going to london together its going to be soo good i cant wait.

on the 22nd july we are going on the youth holiday,its going to be one of the best so far. last year we all went on walks and went to the club on the night it was so call as i didnt no many people at the start but at the end i was really good friends with them.

i got bord so i started to write this blog but now im getting back to work so im off see ya soon 'stay safe be strong'.

Monday, March 27, 2006

one of those days!!

feeling low
want to stay in bed all day
its raining
thinking what am i goin to do in my life

anyway hope tomorrow is better

Thursday, March 23, 2006

what can we do over the easter holidays?
over the easter break we need to get together and do some thing:

* london
*bike ride
*raise some money

if you have any ideas please let eachother know to we can make plans soon and book anything ok

i went into school today just to be told that my lesson as been called off what is the point grrrrrrr.

Monday, March 20, 2006

one of the best days of my life march 19th 2006 my baptism.

Hi everyone yesterday it was my baptism and it felt so good when i came out of the water, it felt like my life has just started . i forgot to thank everyone who has been a rock to me over the past year . dan, andy, ryan,just,babz,gem,sam,nam and char are all my solids and they will always be what ever they decide to do in there lifes. also i would like to thank loz and nig for all what they have done for me.i loved every min of the baptism yesterday.
i also would like to thank everyone who i now for being a rock to me over the last year by welcoming me and my family to the church.

after the baptism my family and babz went for a meal it was lush and i enjoyed it so much then we went down town with babz n nam (never again ) lol jokin nam dont cry .

i must be off now gotta go to school c ya

xxxx daza xxxx

Friday, March 10, 2006

Daz da great

hi everyone sorz i havnt blogged for ages, well i havnt done much over the past few weeks i have been out with the solids and playing pool.

last night me and dan met up and went to big Ms for a few games of pool it was really good i got to play dan one on one for once annyway dan beat me 4 - 2 but i tell you i wasnt on form,then we went down after an hour and dan played big M on the big table and dan lossed against him awww poor dan,then i played big M and i beat him and he stood there in shame as he had just lost to big daz lol.

In media i have been working on a a film and it got shown in front of the school it was sooo good.before i started this i made myself an aim that was to work to my best also my headteacher said to me and my teacher that it was one of the best.

im getting bord now so im off cya all soon